Kenji Watanabe: a name renowned throughout the Japanese whisky and winemaking world from the 1990s and throughout the 2000s. Watanabe bases his philosophy on never losing focus – “be generous with time for your craft.” Fully leveraging his experience in creating whiskies and numerous award-winning wines, he is currently the master blender for Tenjaku.

Tenjaku is created in the city of Fuefuki. Looking towards Mt. Fuji and the Southern Alps, Fuefuki sits atop an alluvial fan system into which the excellent natural water from the Misaka mountain range flows. Velvety-smooth, slightly alkaline in nature. The moderate mineral content present in the water creates a whisky that is smooth and easy-to-drink and a well-balanced flavor.


  • Cocktail and sipping: Tenjaku
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