Stolichnaya was launched in Russia in 1938, inspired by an ancestral recipe. Popular among connoisseurs and the best bartenders in the planet for its taste, Stoli innovates and makes the first flavoured vodka in the world in 1952.

Distilled three times, it reaches the highest level of quality for a distillate given by the Russian state: Alpha grade alcohol. The production process then continues in Riga, at Balzams Latvijas, a cathedral dedicated to vodka erected in 1901 by order of the tsar. It is there that Stolichnaya vodka will be filtered four times according to traditional methods: quartz sand, active charcoal from Russian birch wood, another quartz sand filtration and a thin fabric for an incomparable purity.


  • Cocktail: Premium, Gluten Free, Vanil, Cucumber
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