At the beginning of the 19th century, Don Sebastían Serrallés left Catalonia and embarked for Puerto Rico. In Ponce, in the south of the island, he built a sugar cane plantation and distilled his first rum in 1865 from a still imported from France. Like Don Quixote in search of a perfect world, the Serrallés family has been working on the production of the ideal rum, without any added sugars, for 6 generations.


  • Cocktail: Cristal, Gold, 151, Añejo
  • Sipping: Oak Barrel Spiced, Single Barrel 2007, Single Barrel 2009, Double Aged Vermouth Cask, Double Aged Sherry Cask, Selección Especial, Gran Añejo
Dead Man’s Fingers
Cana de Belem